Hi, I'm
    Luuk, A
      guy (
    who makes
      stuff - like , and
        interactive installations, like MGNT
    on his computer. Usually by doing some kind of
      programming, using JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Redux, React Native, Vue, NodeJS, Python, Django, Java, Android, Arduino, Particle, Max/MSP and Supercollider
    . You can reach me at luukschipperheyn@gmail.com



MGNT is an interactive audio-visual installation paying hommage to the pioneers of electronic music. Spanning 10 metres, it is a giant version of a tape loop that visitors can interacts with, using their bodies and the environment through movement and sound.

MGNT was awarded the first prize in the ACT awards and was exhibited on the 2017 STRP Biennial

As part of the core team, I contributed to the concept, management and the development of sensing software and prototypes.

Technology used:

  • Processing
  • Kinect
  • Resolume