This is the portfolio of Luuk Schipperheijn,
a creative developer.

The Internew

The Internew © Pieter Kers

The Internew installation, featured at the REBOOT exhibition in the New Institute, serves as an immersive platform for visitors to engage with digital art. Our goal was to create a stimulating “maakplek,” offering visitors a space to collectively express their views on the present and future of the internet.

Hier komt nog een filmpje wat duidelijk maakt hoe het werkt

Participants interact with a touch screen. Powered by a chat bot, the installation prompts users to share their perspectives on the internet. Participants are encouraged to reflect on their preferences and concerns, shaping their vision for the internet’s evolution.

Through user input, screens generate related words and images, fostering collaboration and creativity. This iterative process enables participants to construct collage-like compositions, visually representing their future internet ideals.