This is the portfolio of Luuk Schipperheijn,
a creative developer.
  • apartheid revisited
  • li-ma
  • seev
  • touch me please
  • i m u
  • the internew
  • nike manifesto wall
  • modular covert camera
  • mgnt
  • openr


LI-MA is a platform for digital art focusing on conservation, distribution and research. Together with Florian van Zandwijk I created their new website. By implementing a straightforward modular system, we ensured that even the most complex and varied content could be easily accessed and explored. Leveraging Gatsby’s SSR and image optimization, the site delivers a seamless browsing experience, ensuring rapid load times and intuitive navigation.

Prior to making the main website, we created a platform for LI-MA to host online events. It’s a simple page where media and a livestream are integrated in a playful manner. See below for a demonstration of how they used it for their event Unfold or visit the event page for Cultural Matter.